We are a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in Seoul, Korea, in 1991 with the General Consultant Status of the UN. We have been established in Dominican Republic since 2011, better known locally as GNDOM. From the beginning we pursue the implementation of programs and services which are designed to promote self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

Good Change for the Word

Our Mission

Our main vision for the world is to build a global community where people live together in good health, harmony and dignity.

Our Vision

To be facilitators, motivators and contributors to achieve the global transformation providing assistance anywhere we can help build strong and sustainable communities which form a new and better future for the most vulnerable communities.

Where we work Community Development
Projects (CDP)

We want to train future leaders and strong communities through education which is one of the most important elements for sustainable development. GNDOM provides educational opportunities for children who suffer from poverty, child labor and discrimination, supporting their physical and emotional development.