Good Neighbors works for the community, prioritizing always on children. Our intention is to train people providing them with the training, so that with their own resources, they can make changes in their communities.

Good Change for the Word

In GNDOM we focus on primary medical care to prevent diseases and avoid negligence cases. Also, we strive to improve the living conditions of children and their communities by providing basic medical services, education about disease prevention, nutrition and healthy living conditions.

At this moment, we are implementing programs for endemic and tropical diseases prevention, besides promoting sexual and reproductive health, aiming to reach a better family planning and reduce the teenagers ́ pregnancy rate and the ITS


We want to train future leaders and strong communities through education which is one of the most important elements for sustainable development. GNDOM provides educational opportunities for children who suffer from poverty, child labor and discrimination, supporting their physical and emotional development.

Among the activities that we develop within this program we can find:

  • Annually summer camp
  • Homework room
  • School supplies
  • Life sports
  • Educational contests
  • School Support
  • Etc.

Clean and potable water is a right for everyone. For this right to become reality, at GNDOM, with the support of our communities, we build wells and sanitation facilities in a durable way to facilitate access to drinking water and fight diseases caused by its contamination or the lack of it.

Among what we have done so far we find:

    • Water purification system in Los Guandules
    • Communities ́ Latrines Improvement
    • Water well in Hato Mayor
    • Aqueduct under construction in the Chinguelo community
    • Water Purifier under construction in Los Cacaos

What about us if we don’t take care of the environment where we live? As we know the planet ́s importance for the human development, we have different programs to encourage this initiative.

Recycling Education

We teach children to identify those materials which are recyclable and we motivate them to separate their garbage in a way so that later they can take advantage of reusing them. Within this framework, we accompany our talks with real actions such as street cleaning.

House improvement

GNDOM offers to people with houses in bad shape the opportunity to restore their homes. This initiative has taken place in Los Guandules community with excellent results.

Hydroelectric Generators

With the community ́s help, we were able to inaugurate the first electrical supply which delivers more than 45 KW of electricity to the Chinguel Community. This project was given the name “Dominican Republic Micro hydroelectric Construction PNUD and Good Neighbors Cooperation Project (alternative energies)”, and it was built with an 18 million pesos investment.

We expect that the electricity access opens doors to a better education and better job opportunities for the community.


Natural disasters are inevitable, nevertheless the damages produced by them are repairable. For this reason at GNDM we are determined to intervene in the organization of emergency and relief teams to provide security to the affected people. In the case of catastrophes we are there to give a hand. We provide shelter, we move the community so that they collaborate one another, we provide drinking water and food, we offer medical services and support on traumas produced by their losses.


Our vision is to end the poverty ́s vicious cycle. Through empowerment and property programs we make communities participate in agricultural training, appropriate technologies and microcredit initiatives. Our biggest strengths in this field at this moment are:

  • Loans to start business: through our projects we give small loans to people in the community so that they can start or keep their businesses.
  • Trade teaching: we offer workshops for different trades so that people can dedicate themselves and with this they get motivated and undertake.